MUUSE for Vogue Talents 2013

Over the past 2 months Natalia Troitskaya was participating in MUUSE Contest for young and emerging designers. Sadly, she didn't won, but it was a big achievement to be one of 10 finalists! Stay tuned for the new updates in her career!


GFW 2013

Photo by Olivier Di Gianni

Photo by Olivier Di Gianni

On Sunday 2 June 2013 Natalia Troitskaya was among 18 other designers to show in Istituto Marangoni show. Official photos and videos will come soon

Francesca Woodman Photography

Surreal photographs by Francesca Woodman were part of inspiration for latest collection 'Reflections'

Francesca Woodman has been called a modernist, a surrealist and, even, a gothic artist. Her work carries echoes of all three traditions, but it evades categorisation. As a young woman, she photographed herself obsessively but often she appears as a blur of movement or a half-hidden figure, someone constantly trying to escape or hide. The end result is not self-portraiture, but a series of stills from a continuous performance in which she plays with the notion of the self, disguising, transforming and defacing her own body
— The Observer, 2010